How to Write an Article like a Pro

Looking for article writing tips that would help you create content that would draw readers and convince them to keep reading? Here are is an exhaustive guide to use.

Guidelines to Writing an Article That Would Impress Your Tutor

Would it not be great if anyone who clicks on any of your articles reads it from beginning to the end without withdrawing their eyes from the screen? Of course, any writer wants that. The essence of what is article writing would be lost if you leave your readers bored. Your articles must always be as compelling as possible. To achieve this, you will need to master the art of flawless content writing.

Easy to Master Article Writing Format

Here are five essential article writing tips that professional writers use.
Create a strong headline
When in a bookstore, you may lack sufficient time to check out every book, and you will choose one with an intriguing cover design and title. According to David Ogilvy, (The Father of Advertising), headlines that promise readers a benefit are the most successful. While writing headlines, be sure to remember the ‘four U’s’: Unique, Ultra-specific, Urgent and Useful.
Begin with that irresistible introduction
The initial paragraph should draw the reader in and make them long for more. It is here that you lay everything they should expect in the piece, and there are three elements to the section:
Your hook – It grabs your reader’s attention with a question, fact, or memorable story. You can also create an imaginary problem that the reader may face and address them directly.
Your transition section – Here, you will dig deeper into any detrimental effect of the problem and explain that you have a solution to it.
Thesis statement – This is a summary (one-sentence) of the post and how you will help readers solve the problem.
Follow the Story Format of a ‘Hero’s Journey’
One aspect of article blog writing that you need to include is a story. Stories add a new dimension to your writing, and you can use them to illustrate your key points and structure the entire post. This format is among the most popular storylines in literature and has the following outline that takes readers on a journey:
A hero rises to solve a problem
They are reluctant at first, but eventually considers it
The hero prepares with the help of a mentor
They face several challenges, but the hero comes out victorious and transformed
Make It easy to read
You can make people stick around to read your content by breaking the piece into subheadings, using short sentences and paragraphs, and evaluating readability.
Finish with a Call to Action
After the incredible adventure, what can they do with the information you have offered? The last part of a standard article writing template emphasizes the crucial lessons while giving a vivid call to action.
With the article writing examples above, we hope you are now confident enough to create that excellent content.