Writing a Book Review Template? Use This Guide

Writing a good book review is easy if only you know the steps to follow. Here is a detailed post on how to write a book review and the correct format to follow.

Easy Steps to Writing a Book Review the Correct Way

Writing a review like a professional writer can be hard especially if you have no clue what the book is about, after all, you are not an expert on what the author was thinking. However, even though you may not be an expert of the works creator, you need to give a balanced opinion, a summary and details that will be used to explain your argument. In short, whether you are writing a review for a book, event, phenomenon or any other text, the best tips for writing a book review that an expert writer uses are always to give your unbiased opinion and support it with evidence from the book in a way that the reader can agree or disagree.
Reviews tend to use critical thinking skill and follow a two-step process which includes developing an argument about the content you are reviewing and writing the argument in an organized and supported manner. The ideal steps to writing a critical book review are:
Read the book and takes notes on key points, themes, characters, quotes that stand out, authors writing style and argument.
Organize the information into an introduction, summary, opinion, and conclusion.
Give your critical assessment of the book. For example, how the content improved your understanding of a specific issue, what was noteworthy and whether or not it was convincing or effective.

How to Organize a Book Review

Typically, reviews vary in subject, style, and tone. However, they are brief and gives the reader an accurate summary of the content. Here is a simple method on how to write a review.
The first step on how to write a book review format is to start your introduction with a catchy phrase, quote or anecdote. The opening paragraphs should also contain relevant details like the book title, the name of the author, central theme, authors background and your thesis statement about the book.
Write a summary of the book
Include the main points of the book and themes. Keep the summary brief. Make sure you correctly cite any quotes or direct words you have used. Avoid giving important details like the ending of the book.
Evaluate and critique the contents
Both your analysis and evaluation should be organized into several paragraphs. You can arrange the sections based on themes, main points or other elements of the book. Remember, the length and how deep you will analyze the content depends on your readers.
Restate your thesis and make your final judgment of the book. You can also give your opinion on whether or not you will recommend the book to others.
Any student can write a book review as long as they follow the above guide.